About Us

SOL INVICTUS ARMS, LLC is a new company created by the team at Tactical Superiority, Inc. (the manufacturer of high-quality OEM parts used by many well-known firearm manufacturers). Taking its name from Sol Invictus, “Protector of the Troops” in Roman times, the new company will design and manufacture its own patented small arms specifically for Law Enforcement and Military.

At present the company has a patent pending for a suppressor design which will set a new standard in sound reduction. Also in development is an extremely reliable 9mm duty pistol that will feature an integrated rear rail site and a true “loaded chamber indicator”, rather than something that simply indicates the pistol is cocked.

In the years to come, the great minds at SOL INVICTUS ARMS LLC will continue to design, develop and manufacture innovative products to protect the dedicated men and women of Law Enforcement and Military. An interesting side note, the company has an eye to the past and looks forward to bringing back some of the best small arm designs of the bygone era.